Hassle-free Fund Raising with our Deals Module

Get ready to take your fundraising to the next level! 

Our deals module will help you raise fund efficiently and professionally, from collecting digitally signed subscription to monitoring your funding progress with analytics dashboard!

OwnersRoom - Investor and Deals platform

Why digitise your fundraising with OwnersRoom

We know that fundraising is not a simple process. You have to set up your offering, send out documents, collect signatures, and track responses. This is hard work, particularly to administer and oversee.

That is why we build ‘deals’ to simplify and professionalise your funding process! With our deals module, you’ll get to:

Save your time and the hassle

No more endless printing, signing, and scanning. Both you and your investors can now manage all  processes online – anywhere, anytime.

Professionalise your process

Build credibility with your investors and avoid unnecessary mistakes and send invitation / reminders to the right people.

Provide Rich Information Source

All the info your investors need will be safely stored in your document rooms – a rich source for potential investors to do due diligence

How to Create a New Funding Round

1. Set up your OwnersRoom by importing cap table and inviting your board, shareholders and potential investors

2. Post updates on relevant news and create a fundraising document room

3. Start the fundraising process by uploading deal terms and the documentation for the subscription form

4. Use the dashboard to easily see who has digitally signed the subscription form and who might need a reminder

5. Once you have reached (or surpassed) your goal: close the deal and export all digitally signed subscription forms

Deals, digital funding round through ownersroom

Monitor your process with our Dashboard

Once you published your Deal, our dashboard will show you:

You can easily monitor your progress and remind investors who may have missed your invitation or have forgotten the upcoming deadline. 

Feedback from our customers

Resqunit logo

We did our latest fundraising through OwnersRoom, and it was incredible how much time we saved... 10X easier and better control of the process!

Helge Trettø Olsen / CEO, Resqunit - raising capital on OwnersRoom

Helge Trettø Olsen


Simplify your fundraising process now!

3 Easy Steps to Use our Deals Module

1. Set up your account

Create your trial account and upload your cap table and key information and document for your investors 

2. Invite your Investors

Add your shareholders, potential investors and board to invite them to your OwnersRoom.

3. Set up your funding round

Input your terms, invite your participants. and send out subscription forms in a few clicks. 

That’s it.. Now you can just sit back and monitor your funding round with our deals dashboard!