Tired of your spreadsheet cap table?​

Are you ready to put your spreadsheet cap table to rest? Some of the key benefits of going digital with your cap table:

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A full overview and control with your new digital cap table for both you and your investors

Easily register new issuances

As you have completed a funding round or an investor have purchased shares from another, you can easily register all such events digitally. We help you make sure that all entries are correct so that you and your investors can rest assured the cap table is correct and up to date. 

We also automatically generate share numbers so that you can know which investors own which shares.

Cap table events

View the entire history

As the cap table is event based you can quickly get an overview of all the issuances and transactions you have registered. By importing the entire history of your cap table you will also see all the history from the beginning of your company.

If you find a mistake you can easily edit as well.

Showcase other securities

An important aspect of the cap table seen from an investors point of view is the amount of dilution. With our cap table module you can easily register option pools, convertible loans, SAFE/SLIP, and warrants.

Making it easy to see the fully diluted cap table

Export for modeling

Are you a fan of the flexibility of spreadsheets? We have made it easy for you to export the cap table to excel with full history. This way you can for example do cap table modeling to see how the cap table would be after converting loans or exercising options.

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The Funding Flywheel

Attract your network of investors

When preparing for a funding round, building a strong network of investors is essential to make sure you succeed. With OwnersRoom you can easily build and manage your network of potential investors..

Raise capital digitally

No more emails, physical signatures, and document scanning. Now you can simply set up the terms of your funding, select the investors that will be invited, and lean back. Our dashboard gives you full control of your progress.

Delight your shareholders

Use OwnersRoom to delight your shareholders after the funding round, turning them into ambassadors that will participate in your next round, as well as helping you continue building your network of investors. 

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The fundraising playbook

We know that navigating the complex and high-stakes game of fundraising can be a challenge. That is why we have gathered some tips and tricks to make the journey easier.

In this playbook, comprised of checklists, templates, and examples, we have outlined some of the key elements when you are preparing your company for fundraising.

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