Fundraising made easy!

Startup fundraising made easy with OwnersRoom

If you have raised capital before, you know this can be both time-consuming and quite the hassle, both before, during and after the funding round. OwnersRoom is built by serial entrepreneurs and investors to make it as efficient and professional as possible for startup and growth companies!

Cap table management

Keep track of your ownership structure and all transactions with a changelog.

Investor updates

Get analytics on all emails to make sure investors keep updated or have recieved legalities.

Digital funding rounds

Raise capital hassle free by inviting participants, setting terms and gather subscription forms digitally.

Navidium and Momentum using OwnersRoom for their funding round
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Alexander Iversen


We strive to provide the best solution for investor- and funding management for startups and growth companies, and that’s why we would love to pick your brain.

I’d love to hear your stories, your pains and your successes with fundraising and investor management!


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