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OwnersRoom is an all-in-one platform for you to keep investors informed, engaged, and ready to invest. Share branded updates and documents, gather digital signatures, update your cap table, or run your next fundinground digitally!

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    Digital deals

    Run your next fundinground digitally, gather digitally signed subscription forms and pay attention to every step of the process with the analytics dashboard.

    Digital fundingsrounds with analytics on OwnersRoom

    Digital cap table

    Keep track of your ownership structure and register all transactions for full control!

    Investor updates

    Easily send branded updates and get insight into which investors that need more attention with analytics.

    Investor update with analytics on OwnersRoom
    Digital signature with analytics for full control on OwnersRoom

    Digital signature

    No more printing, signing and scanning shareholder documents, request signatures right from the document room.

    Document room

    Gather all relevant documents and grant access to relevant stakeholders, whether its time for a general meeting or a new fundinground.

    document room with access control on ownersroom

    3 simple steps to get started

    Set up a free trial

    Create an account and set up your 14-day free trial by adding company name and logo.

    Upload your content

    Upload the cap table, bylaws, company presentations and other important documents for your investors to access.

    Invite investors

    Add your shareholders, potential investors and board to invite them to your OwnersRoom.

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