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2 years of React experience

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About us

OwnersRoom is a fintech startup based in downtown Oslo. For almost three years now we have been building a product aimed at helping private companies and investors succeed together. 

Investors want access to information about their investments and companies (especially startups and growth companies) want access to capital. Our product provides companies with tools and processes to tie these two goals together by building their investor network and nurturing it with information.

Our team is a good mix of people from different countries with both software development and business development backgrounds and we work very closely together. Our software developers learn quite a lot about the processes involved in interacting with investors and running a funding round. Knowledge that can come in handy if you have ever thought about starting your own company someday!


Our frontend is a single page app built with React. We believe in adopting new technologies when it increases the maintainability of our code or otherwise allows us to develop faster. We make extensive use of the new(ish) hooks functionality in React and we are gradually migrating more and more of our application to TypeScript because type safety is awesome.

We use styled components for… well, styling the components and do our best to structure the application around reusable controls and patterns. We like flexbox and almost understand it now.

Communication with the backend happens over GraphQL. We use the Apollo client to handle this inside the React app and in general it works great. If you also have an interest in backend development, there is plenty of room to move around.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for an experienced frontend developer who has built several React apps before and who thinks the product space we operate in is interesting. Modern Javascript experience is a must, TypeScript is a bonus. If however you have always wanted to learn TS, now can be your chance!

The ideal candidate also possesses more skill at design than the average developer. If you are the type of person that gets annoyed because two text baselines are not aligned or the padding on a button doesn’t quite look right, then this is the kind of attention to detail we will appreciate. 

If in addition to writing code and tweaking pixels, you also like mentoring and leading people, there will certainly be opportunities for this going forward as we grow. We have big plans for our development team! On the other hand, if people management is not your thing, that’s cool too.


If you read this far and this sounds interesting, reach out and let us know! Send us your CV and a few words on why you’d like to work with us. We’d love to have a coffee and tell you more about some of the challenges we are facing and the cool stuff we are building.

If you have any questions before submitting your application, please feel free to contact Jason Barron (CTO) on mail. You can use the mail address listed for questions in the column to the right here.


Please note that we encourage applicants from all over the world to apply for our positions, but you must have a valid European work permit to be eligible to work with us. As a startup we are unfortunately not in a position to sponsor work permits or relocation packages.