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We strive to help founders succeed with funding, and make it much easier than before. You remember last time right? The key benefits of going for our self-service funding platform is:

Funding tool at OwnersRoom - Fundraising 2.0

Trusted by more than 200 startups and growth companies

Hassle free funding rounds with full control

Funding rounds or fundraising with OwnersRoom

Attract investors, raise capital, and delight shareholders - all in one place!


Build and manage your network of investors

Make yourself attractive for potential investors by providing access to a dedicated platform for them to find everything they need, cap table, documents, and previous updates you have shared with your network.

And you? You will save lots of time on administrative hassle!


Raise capital and manage your deals digitally

Invite all the potential investors in your network to participate in your funding round with few clicks and gain a huge advantage of having access to analytics. Take your funding skills to the next level and get superpowers with our Deals module.

You no longer need to keep track of subscription status and communication in a spreadsheet, we got you covered!


Delight your investors so they are ready for the next funding

One of the best ways to expand your network of potential investors is for your current ones to refer you to some. By being transparent, sharing information regularly, and keeping investors engaged you will make it easy for them to send investors your way!

Getting warm introductions to new investors is one of the best ways of securing your funding round, except showing traction of course!

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Featured resource

The fundraising playbook

We know that navigating the complex and high-stakes game of fundraising can be a challenge. That is why we have gathered some tips and tricks to make the journey easier.

In this playbook, comprised of checklists, templates, and examples, we have outlined some of the key elements when you are preparing your company for fundraising.

The Fundraising Playbook - OwnersRoom