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Provide your investors with operational updates, funding round invitations, or your board with protocols from board meetings and the general assembly. Keep track of engagement with analytics!

investor updates and investor relations

How it works

Updates can be shared both inside the investor portal as well as via branded email to all relevant stakeholders. This way your investors won’t have to sign up to OwnersRoom in order to follow your company’s updates.

All your updates will be stored in historical order inside the portal and are available as a feed in the platform. This means that new investors can be granted access to a rich source of information, for instance during the due diligence process of your fundraising. You decide whether to include attachments and important documents in the updates you send out, or to require recipients to log in to access these in the document room.


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What our customers say

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We did our latest fundraising through OwnersRoom, and it was incredible how much time we saved... 10X easier and better control of the process!

Helge Trettø Olsen / CEO, Resqunit - raising capital on OwnersRoom

Helge Trettø Olsen


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