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Document Room

Document room
Document room

The Documents module lets you set up a folder structure to easily handle everything from board work to data rooms, all in one place! Use this module to share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with the members of your OwnersRoom.

Our customers love the fact that they can conveniently hold all the correct and final documentation securely accessible on OwnersRoom.


Controlling who sees what

You easily control the access to a folder and all of its content by using Groups. You can decide if a folder should be available to all the members of your OwnersRoom or if it should be limited to specific stakeholder groups (e.g. board members only, shareholders only, or potential investor only). A subfolder can have the same access level or a stricter access level than its parent.


Suggested folder structure

We strongly recommend creating a folder structure that will make it easy for your members to navigate through your documents. Some suggestions for convenient documentation are:
  • Board work (E.g.: Agendas, notices, protocols)
  • Company Presentations (E.g.: The latest pitch deck)
  • Data Rooms (e.g.: Documentation for due diligence processes)
  • General Meetings (e.g.: Minutes of general meetings)
  • Governing Documents (E.g.: Shareholders agreement, bylaws)
  • Financials (E.g.: Financial statements, budgets, cash-flow forecasts)
  • Media Coverage (E.g.: Articles or documents showing press coverage)


How to get get started?

Many customers wonder how long it will take to get the folder structure up and running. With OwnersRoom, the onboarding of a folder structure is easy as pie!
Customers typically choose one of the following three ways to get started, depending on the complexity of their current documentation:
  1. Start simple with 2-3 folders, then gradually increase complexity of the document room over time as you accumulate more material in OwnersRoom.
  2. Set up your folder structure and then drag-and-drop multiple documents into each folder.
  3. Create a zip-file of your existing document structure and share it with us. We’ll easily import it to your OwnersRoom (Recommended for large complex document structures).