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Analytics overview
Overview of post analytics
Get ready to take your stakeholder management to the next level. With Analytics, we’ll provide you with the insights you need to succeed with your investors! In short, this useful tool will let you gauge the interest, engagement and activity in your investor network.


How does it work?

When sending Updates from OwnersRoom, you will be able to track whether an email has been delivered or if it has bounced, if the email has been opened by the investors, and if a particular investor has clicked the link to log in to your OwnersRoom from the email. The Analytics panel also shows you when the post was sent, which groups it was sent to, and the relevant details for each recipient.
You will find the Analytics button in the Updates feed, attached to each post you have sent.

How can I benefit from Analytics on my email send-outs?

Here are some of the benefits our customers have highlighted:
  • You’ll easily find out which investors never read your emails and therefore would benefit from an additional phone call or another investor meeting.
  • You ensure full deliverability of notices of general meetings and board meetings. We’ll notify you if an owner hasn’t received the invitation to the general meeting, so that you can take the appropriate steps.
  • During a funding round, it is critical that all of your investors receive and read the invitation, as well as the subscription form and other relevant due diligence material. Analytics on Updates will help you monitor whether investors read such critical emails. If they don’t, you should probably reach out to check whether they are aware of your ongoing funding round!