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Easy Cap Table and Securities management

Cap table
Cap table
Our Cap Table and Securities module will help you plan and execute when issuing shares, options, convertible loans and warrants.
Managing your cap table in a spreadsheet quickly becomes cumbersome as time passes. Having a system that ensures a single source of truth will save you time and headaches when the list of shareholders grows and transactions accumulate.


Use cases

As your Cap Table grows more complex, OwnersRoom helps you keep track of who owns what. You can see all the different securityholders, their ownership stakes and all of the events and transactions that has taken place.
The cap table also acts as a window for your stakeholders. With OwnersRoom, you do not have to keep sending updated Cap Tables to your stakeholders after every change in ownership. Investors can simply log in whenever they want and see for themselves.
When managing a cap table you also need to keep tabs on the historical events that has led to the current state of the cap table. The Cap Table changelog easily gives you full control of this transaction history. The changelog includes everything you need in order to deliver the annual shareholder register statement/RF-1086

The Cap Table and changelog can also easily be exported to .csv or .xls format. 


Getting started with a complex cap table

If you have a cap table with 10+ investors, we’d suggest signing up for the Premium edition and use our onboarding support to get your Cap Table up and running.