How Waved use OwnersRoom to build strong relationships with existing and potential investors

Investors   25+

Founded   2018

Location   Oslo, Norway

Waved customer story

How Waved use OwnersRoom to build strong relationships with existing and potential investors

Waved customer story

About Waved

Waved is a Norwegian startup that aims to create the perfect atmosphere for all venues through technology. By automatically adjusting the volume of the music based on the level of human made energy, they help a wide variety of companies create the optimal experience for their guests.

The company was founded in 2018 by 4 friends after visiting a local restaurant. Despite the excellent food and service, there was something off with the atmosphere. The music was simply not properly balanced, and they decided that they wanted to solve this problem that same night.

We spoke with Jonas Andersen, who is one of the co-founders and CFO in Waved, about his experience using OwnersRoom.


OwnersRoom makes it much easier to keep track of all processes and maintain good relations with our stakeholders.

Jonas Andersen - Co-founder & CFO / Waved

Jonas Andersen

Co-founder & CFO

Changing old habits to create a better experience

Waved raised their first funding round in the spring of 2020. Communication was going via email, documents shared through links to local folders, and data kept in excel sheets. It was clear that a more suitable solution was needed to structure their work with both existing and potential investors in a better way.

“One of our investors asked us to check out OwnersRoom, as he had good experiences with it from other companies. We quickly experienced the value that it provides. It makes it much easier to keep everyone up to speed, and we now know that everyone has the correct information available,” says Jonas.

OwnersRoom allowed them to not only gather all information in one place, but it also provided them with the platform to work professionally towards both existing and potential investors. “Just showing the investors that you care enough to create a good experience for them has been extremely valuable for us”, he continues.

Creating strong relationships with all stakeholders

Waved is now experiencing strong traction in the market, and uses OwnersRoom to create engagement with the investors in their network. They recently raised a new financing round, and OwnersRoom helped to provide transparency to the investors and reduce administrative time.

“When we began raising our second round, everything was already in place. The network, the documentation… everything. We simply gave access to the potential investors before the round opened, and everything worked flawlessly”.

Today, OwnersRoom has become an essential tool on their journey, supporting them in all processes directed towards investors. “It builds trust between the company and the investors, and that is absolutely essential for us going forward”, Jonas concludes.

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