Our mission is to unlock private capital

When we started OwnersRoom, we set out to solve a challenging, but important, problem. Our mission is to unlock the private capital market for private companies, helping facilitate the value creation of the future by making capital more accessible through increased information transparency and share liquidity.

Our story

OwnersRoom was founded in 2017 by the serial entrepreneurs behind successful companies such as Admincontrol, Questback and Trolltech. Having previously been through several funding-rounds, they discovered a need for changes in the way private companies raise capital. This sparked the idea about OwnersRoom; a company set to bring new solutions to increase the efficiency of private capital markets.

Today, we use the knowledge gained through years of experience to help facilitate the value creation of the future. By making private companies more attractive, our aim is to help build a future where investing in private companies is as common as investing in public companies. Our mission is to unlock the private capital markets and make capital more accessible.

Our team

A healthy combination of youthful exuberance and entrepreneurial experience.

Knut has been CFO in 3 publicly listed tech companies (Trolltech, Mamut & NEXT Biometrics) and bring a lot of experience to the table. Spare time; Like to go to a concert, and has a passion for biking and outdoor activities. No gardening….

Alexander has been with the firm since its beginning, leading it through its first three years. He is a high achiever who ensures that all employees, customers and investors are happy campers at all times.

Jason is the tech wizard, magically converting coffee into code. Having previously worked at Trolltech, Nokia and Schibsted, he usually enjoys the weekends at his cabin with the rest of his family.

Benedikte Holm

Benedikte Holm

VP of Product


Benedikte has a passion for building beautiful, smart products that users love, and has previously worked for Trolltech, Nokia and Telenor. Second to her family she is in love with all things Italian.

Even Hovda

Even Hovda

Head of Customer Success

Even is a business developer with a background in behavioral sciences and has been a crucial resource in taking the firm to where it is now. In his spare time he enjoys kiting, sailing and traveling to far-away places.

Frode Stordal

Business Development Executive

Frode have been working with Sales for many years in different tech companies, such as QuestBack and Admincontrol. He loves to hunt new customers, and develop and increase his network, and is passionate about helping companies to achieve success!

Zakhariy Derekh

front-end developer

Zak is the front-end developer and visual guy, highly engaged in moving pixels on the screen. He has a decent Ecommerce background from working for Horze International. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music, traveling, and learning new things.

Alexander Iversen

growth manager

Alexander is a pragmatic business developer, wrapping his head around any type of task. He is currently finishing up an MSc thesis about cross-border VC investments in Europe.

Frida Johansen

Frida Johansen

Customer success associate

Frida is a business developer in the field of customer success. She just wrapped up her bachelor’s thesis in computer science and is heading for her masters in Industrial Engineering in Milan.

Chavisa Ratiwat

Chavisa Ratiwat

Business Development Associate

Chavisa (Peary) is a business development and marketing enthusiast with a background in finance and strategy. Originally from Bangkok, she is the biggest foodie. She loves to cook and wander the Norwegian forest for mushrooms!

Our board

An experienced bunch of entrepreneurs, guiding the team towards its lofty ambitions

Ståle Løvbukten


Ståle is a co-founder and the chairman of OwnersRoom. He has previously co-founded companies such as Questback and Admincontrol, and is currently an active angel investor with a passion for boating.

Haavard Nord

Board member

Haavard is a co-founder and board member of OwnersRoom. Prior to this, he co-founded and took Trolltech (Qt) through its IPO and exit. In his spare time, he and his kite can often be found where the wind blows.

Andreas Gulliksen

Board member

Andreas is a board member of OwnersRoom and the CEO and co-founder of Contitude. He is also experienced in leading and scaling B2B sales operations in Questback and from biking Oslo-Trondheim faster than any of his competitors.

Anne Worsøe

Board member

Anne is a board member of Owners Room and an angel investor and partner at Farmhouse Capital. Previously, she was a partner at Bakken & Bæck, co-founder of Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley and the first CEO at NVCA. She is a keen sailor in her spare time.

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