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Investor Updates and notices

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The Updates module is the primary medium for sharing relevant information with your stakeholders. Use Updates to send investor updates, invitations to participate in funding rounds, or notices of (and protocols from) board meetings and general meetings.


How does Updates work?

Updates can be shared both inside the investor portal as well as via email to all the relevant stakeholders. This way your investors won’t have to sign up to OwnersRoom in order to follow your company’s updates.
All your updates will be stored in historical order inside the portal and are available as a feed in your OwnersRoom. This means that new investors can be granted access to a rich source of information, for instance during the due diligence process of your fundraising. You decide whether to include attachments and important documents in the updates you send out, or to require recipients to log in to access these.

How can I benefit from Analytics on my updates?

Every update you send via email will have analytics on which users have opened emails, clicked items in your emails and logged in to your OwnersRoom.
Analytics will enable you to monitor the engagement of your investor network, taking your stakeholder management to a whole new level! For instance, you’ll easily find out which investors never read your emails and therefore would benefit from an additional phone call or investor meeting.
Read more about this on Analytics.

Controlling who sees what

You will have full control over who sees what. Before posting an Update, you easily choose which groups should be able to receive and access the post. This way, you can handle all of your stakeholders, all from one place!
Check out Groups for more information about access control in OwnersRoom.