We know a lot of the meeting formalities can be a hassle sometimes. That’s why we give you free access to templates for the work involving your board and shareholders, hopefully making your life a little bit easier in the process!


Application form for raising capital

A simple application form to use when raising capital from investors

General meeting, share capital increase

Notice and minutes for a general meeting with share capital increase

Board meeting, share capital increase

Board meeting minutes with share capital increase (requires authorization)

Board meeting, proposal for share capital increase

Board meeting minutes with a proposal for share capital increase

Simplified general meeting documents

Notice and minutes for a simplified digital general meeting

Board meeting, notice of general meeting

Board meeting minutes with notice of general meeting with shareholders

Employee option program - monthly vesting

Excel file to track employee options with a monthly vesting schedule

More templates coming soon. Stay tuned!

Featured resource

The fundraising playbook

We know that navigating the complex and high-stakes game of fundraising can be a challenge. That is why we have gathered some tips and tricks to make the journey easier.

In this playbook, comprised of checklists, templates, and examples, we have outlined some of the key elements when you are preparing your company for fundraising.

The Fundraising Playbook - OwnersRoom

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