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Groups and Access Control

Groups, members and access control
Groups, members and access control
We’ve made it easy for admins to control access levels in OwnersRoom. Every contact in your network can belong to one or several groups, making it easy to differentiate your communication and the access levels of different types of stakeholders.
This means that if you have published and sent an update to a specific group, then the contacts of this group are the only ones who can see this specific update inside your OwnersRoom when they log in.

You can use groups to differentiate access to both Updates and Document folders.


What stakeholder groups are typically managed in OwnersRoom?

As a default we suggest making a group for shareholders, one for the board of directors, and another for potential investors:
  • Use the shareholder group to send out invitations to general meetings, investor updates, information regarding share transactions and the like.
  • With a group for board members you can keep all board documents readily available, send out invitations to board meetings and keep the flow of information professional and secure.
  • Potential investors are typically granted access to regular investor updates as well as the data room for ongoing funding rounds.