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Save time for both you and your stakeholders by using our digital signing feature. Gather signatures on board meeting minutes or protocols from a general assembly. No more printing, signing and scanning!

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How to sign digitally

Gathering digitally signed documents with OwnersRoom is very easy! Upload the document you want signed in your document room, request signature and choose participants, decide who should use BankId or click-to-sign. When everyone has signed, the original document is replaced with the fully signed one. Have they opened the email? Seen the document? You can easily pay attention to the entire process with analytics and send a friendly reminder to those who have forgotten.

Benefits of using digital signing

Here are some of the benefits our customers have highlighted:

What our customers say

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OwnersRoom makes it much easier to keep track of all processes and maintain good relations with our stakeholders

Jonas Andersen - Co-founder & CFO / Waved

Jonas Andersen

Co-founder & CFO

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