OwnersRoom - The Fundraising Playbook

Introducing The Fundraising Playbook

Are you looking to raise capital in 2022? If so, you should check out The Fundraising Playbook!

For many startups and growth companies, raising capital is essential to scale the business further. However, navigating the complex and high-stakes game of fundraising can be a challenge. That is why we have gathered some tips and tricks to make the journey easier for founders everywhere.

The playbook will take you from the pre-deal phase of preparing your company and the investor network, through the deal execution phase, to finally closing the deal and the subsequent post-deal work. Additionally, you will also find guidelines, templates, and checklists to help you on the way for every stage.

To download our Playbook, simply follow this link: https://ownersroom.com/en/the-fundraising-playbook/