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OwnersRoom provides successful companies with the tools they need to manage investor processes in a professional and efficient manner.

Cap table management
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Cap table and securities management

Provide your investors and stakeholders with an up-to-date picture of the company’s ownership structure which they can access whenever they need to.

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Investor updates and notices

Use Updates to provide your investors with operational updates, funding round invitations, or protocols from board meetings and the general assembly.

Updates are sent via email and saved inside the portal for everyone’s convenience.

News and updates
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With analytics on Updates you can check whether your emails were successfully delivered, who opened the emails, and who clicked to enter your company’s OwnersRoom. 

You’ll finally know which investors are actively following your journey and which needs some more warming!

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Document room

The Documents module lets you set up a folder structure to easily share documents, presentations and spreadsheets with your investors. 

Our customers use this module to manage documentation for general meetings, board work and due diligence processes.

Document room
Groups and Access Control
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Groups & access control

Groups make it easy to manage the access levels of your different stakeholders. Wether you are communicating with board members, shareholders, employees or potential investors, you can use groups to differentiate access to Updates and Document folders. 

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