Dreading the process of raising capital?

OwnersRoom has your back. Meet the new Deals module!

A digital tool for raising capital more efficiently.

We know raising capital can be a stressful and complicated process and that’s why we have been working hard lately to build a solution that simplifies this process for you.

As of today you can run your new share issuance process completely digitally from inside OwnersRoom. 

Now you can 

  • Set up and send subscription forms digitally
  • Monitor who has received and read your information
  • Receive signed subscriptions directly in OwnersRoom 
  • Track the progress of the funding round in the dashboard

The Deals module gives you a tool to easily identify who might have missed your email or forgot the upcoming deadline, so you can manage these situations before they become problematic. 

This gives you much better control and visibility of how your fundraising is progressing compared to an ordinary process of mails and follow-up calls, printing and scanning and missed deadlines.

Even better, your investors no longer need to deal with the hassle of printing, signing and scanning documents as they can do everything online – even from their mobile device while on the move. They will love you for it! And you will love watching the progress bar step closer and closer to your target as the subscriptions come in.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Take our customer’s word for it! 👍

We did our latest fundraising through OwnersRoom, and it was incredible how much time we saved

PS. You might notice the design changes a little when you navigate to Deals. That’s a little preview of our upcoming design refresh.