Product updates

Rich text to improve your investor updates

OwnersRoom 2020.1 released

We just pushed out our first release in 2020 giving you new editing functionality. 🎊

We all know investor updates are important for building trust and confidence with our investors, and there are many templates out there suggesting how to write these. Whether you choose to use a template or write it all from scratch, your message should be easy to read and understand, and consistent formatting helps your reader quickly compare your updates to earlier sendouts.

Feedback from our customers have told us that they would like to give a professional impression to their investors – and that is why this release is centered around the first step of adding functionality for making these updates look a little more interesting and be a little more engaging.

In addition to fixing a few bugs and removing a few bumps in our on-boarding process, we are adding Rich Text to your toolbox in the Updates model. This is the first step of adding formatting to your updates and will let you bold, italic, underscore and strikethrough your text. You can also add bullet points and alignment, while text colors, headings, images and emojis are yet to come.

We are also looking into adding a templates library and let you save your own templates and I would love some feedback from you on these ideas – or any other OwnersRoom ideas you’d like to share! Leave your mail in the form here if you’d like to contribute!