Katapult Accelerator X OwnersRoom partnership

The Katapult X OwnersRoom partnership

December 2021 we entered into a partnership with the Katapult with the  primary goal to help impact startups succeed with their investors and fundraising. To do this we have created content for the accelerator program in the form of educational videos including, how-to videos for using OwnersRoom. On top of this the companies get access to the platform to handle investor relations, build a network of potential investors, and raise capital from that network easier than ever before! 

About Katapult

Katapult is an impact accelerator and investor who focuses on tech startups with a positive impact on the world, they have currently invested in more than 145 companies from 37 different countries. They accelerate the growth of tech startups by providing training, technical expertise, capital, and access to an extensive global network. If you are an impact driven startup looking to accelerate or get funding, check out their different programs and apply here!

OwnersRoom is exactly in line with what we teach our portfolio companies – to work continuously and strategically with building your investor network, keeping all investors up to speed and prepared for the next fundraising.

By using OwnersRoom the companies can easily build trust with solid governance, create engagement, and raise capital. At the same time, the transparency created makes everything so much easier for the investors. With this partnership we want to help our portfolio succeed with their investors and increase their access to capital.

Markus H. Eikeland - Katapult

Marcus H. Eikeland

Program Director & Partner / Katapult

Helping impact startups succeed with investors

Through the partnership, startups connected to Katapult use OwnersRoom to optimize their success with investors by working strategically and long-term with both current and potential investors. 

Once the accelerator program is completed the investor-network of Katapult gets invited to a demo day where all the newly “accelerated” startups present themselves and their plans moving forward – sort of like an investor meeting at scale. By using OwnersRoom it’s super easy for the startups to invite the investors that seem interested to their OwnersRoom and use the platform to keep them up to date and ready for the next fundraise. 

On the other side, the investors will after meeting the company receive a personalized invitation to join company Xs OwnersRoom and accepting the invite gives them access to a dedicated place where the potential investor can find everything he/she needs. Whether that is seeing the ownership structure with an up-to-date cap table, the latest pitch deck, financials from the data room, or the feed of investor updates the startup has shared with their network. 

In addition to having access to the OwnersRoom platform we have also created training videos on how to succeed with your investors and expand access to capital, and of course how to optimize this through OwnersRoom. Additionally, the startups have access to a set of templates ranging from general meeting documents and application forms to employee options files. 

We also joined a live session with the alumni companies together with Katapult and another partner of theirs Teamtailor (If you are looking to empower your ability to attract top talent check them out here). We discussed everything from todays funding market to how to make sure you stay top of mind and that investors allocate future funds your way. If you want to learn more about these alumni companies, feel free to take a look at Katapults’ portfolio here

Katapult is the perfect partner for us as they take an active role in making sure the startups take investor relations seriously and see this as an integral part in founders succeeding with their ventures. 

With Katapult we will be able to reach a major network of impact startups and investors so that we can help impact driven startups succeed with their investors and funding, and by that continue to make their positive impact on this world!

Alexander Iversen

Alexander Iversen

Growth Manager / OwnersRoom

Are you a potential partner?

Are you involved with startups and scalueps and want to have a chat about how we can partner up? Feel free to reach out to Alexander and see how we can make it happen! Are you a startup inspired to take your investor relations and fundraising to the next level? Reach out as well!

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