More than NOK 1bn raised with Deals

A major milestone has just been achieved! On December 5th, 2023, the amount raised by startups and companies using the Deals feature for digital funding surpassed NOK 1bn, marking a significant achievement for both the product and for our customers. A massive congratulations to you all! In this post, we will explore deeper how this […]

Due diligence for startups

OwnersRoom - Due diligence for startups

Building a startup or scaling a company is no easy task, and an essential part of this is fundraising. As your company grows…

Why your company should always be deal ready

OwnersRoom - Always be deal ready

OwnersRoom is an investor and deals platform for deals managed by companies themselves. These deals could be equity capital raises, secondary transactions, convertible loans, and the issue of derivatives like options for employee ownership. When there is a deal the company publishes it to their investors for digital subscription and signing – and keep track of […]