Get full control with groups and access control

Groups make it easy to manage the access levels of your different stakeholders. Wether you are communicating with the board, shareholders or potential investors, you can differentiate access to Updates and Documents.

groups and access control

How it works

We’ve made it easy for admins to control access levels in OwnersRoom. Every contact in your network can belong to one or several groups, making it easy to differentiate your communication. The groups are also fully flexible so that you can create them based on your needs.

This means that if you have published and sent an update to a specific group, then the contacts of this group are the only ones who can see this specific update inside your OwnersRoom when they log in.


Here are some of the benefits our customers have highlighted:

What our customers say

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We did our latest fundraising through OwnersRoom, and it was incredible how much time we saved... 10X easier and better control of the process!

Helge Trettø Olsen / CEO, Resqunit - raising capital on OwnersRoom

Helge Trettø Olsen


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