Attract capital with hassle-free investor processes

As a startup or growth company you will most likely raise capital several times in the coming years, if you have completed a round with several investors already, you know this can be quite a hassle. OwnersRoom minimizes this hassle and makes you look more professional to your investors at the same time. We have gathered 4 key use-cases our customers have highlighted for you here!

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1. Efficient Deals with digital funding rounds

Product - Digital funding

Remember the last time you did a funding round? With all the emails, uncertainty of investor participation, or the chaos of figuring out how many and how much your potential investors wanted to invest? With our Deals-module you can do it all through the platform!

Track the process of your fundraising right from the dashboard. Gather all relevant documents (Shareholders agreement, pitch-deck etc) in the document room and share updates on the fly! Your potential investors sign the subscription form digitally, therefore you can utilize analytics to optimize your time allocation as you manage the fundraising, creating a better experience for both yourself and your investors!

2. Build your investor network

Meeting a potential investor can be amazing, but we know maintaing a good flow of information and building a solid investor network can be time-consuming… With OwnersRoom you simply invite them to your investor portal and add them to the “potential investors” group right after your first meet. Now they can access your cap table, relevant documents you have granted them access to, and prior updates you shared inside your private investor portal. 

The groups you set up are fully flexible, and many of our customers use OwnersRoom for work related to the board and dedicated due diligence processes as well! Another major benefit is the use of digital signatures right from the document room towards selected members in your network on relevant documents.

We are also happy to share some tips and tricks on the way as well, for example on how to build a successful investor relations strategy.

Product - Members and access

3. Effortless cap table management & governance

Product - Digital cap table

As your startup grows your cap table and changelog will only get more and more complex, making it difficult to keep tabs on all capital events. OwnersRoom helps you keep track of who owns what (whether that is convertible loans, options, warrants or shares), so that your investors can rest assured that you’ve got it all under control. Your investors get insight into the latest version of your cap table with different security-holders and how ownership is distributed. You keep tabs on all corporate events and transactions that have taken place with the changelog feature.

4. Full control of investor engagement

Keep your investors and other stakeholders up to date on the latest news! Create and share updates, whether it is time for a general meeting or to raise capital. Our customers use the updates-module for everything from sharing legalities to engage investors with exciting news about your company. Updates can be shared inside the investor portal as well as distributed via branded emails. All updates are stored in the investor portal, providing a rich source of information for invited investors, making the due diligence process for potential investors a bit easier. Not sure how to send proper updates? Check out our checklist of how to write a great investor update.

And the best part, you can pay attention to their engagement with analytics!

Product - Updates and analytics

3 simple steps to get started

Set up a free trial

Create an account and set up your 14-day free trial by adding company name and logo.

Upload your content

Upload the cap table, bylaws, company presentations and other important documents for your investors to access.

Invite investors

Add your shareholders, potential investors and board to invite them to your OwnersRoom.

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