More than NOK 1bn raised with Deals

A major milestone has just been achieved! On December 5th, 2023, the amount raised by startups and companies using the Deals feature for digital funding surpassed NOK 1bn, marking a significant achievement for both the product and for our customers. A massive congratulations to you all!

In this post, we will explore deeper how this was achieved, as well as provide some interesting facts about the rounds that have been raised by our customers.

Digital funding with Deals

With OwnersRoom, you don’t need to worry about outdated spreadsheets, missed calculations or forgotten application forms. 

Deals is a digital solution for raising capital. You can do everything from gathering digitally signed subscription forms to using the dashboard overview with analytics to track how the funding round is going. This is all targeted to your own, private investor network.

You can easily handle the allocation period, as well as sending individualized payment information to all participating investors when the round has closed. After you have collected all payments, you can automatically update the cap table. Additionally, your investors’ portfolio will be automatically updated with the latest data, making fundraising easier than ever before. 

Deals stats at a glance

Over the past years, OwnersRoom has been used to run a wide variety of Deals, with deal sizes ranging from NOK 300 000 up to more than NOK 60 000 000, showing the flexibility of the solution. This flexibility is also shown in the individual investments range, with both small tickets for crowdfunding-style funding rounds all the way up to 19 individual investments of more than NOK 10m.


These impressive statistics reflect the growing trust and adoption of OwnersRoom’s Deals module by companies seeking efficient and streamlined digital fundraising solutions. With more than 3 200 unique investments and an average ticket size exceeding NOK 310 000, OwnersRoom is empowering businesses of all sizes to navigate the fundraising landscape with confidence and ease.

Both local and cross-border investments

OwnersRoom’s success in digital fundraising is not confined to a specific region. Companies leveraging the Deals module have successfully raised capital from a diverse range of geographical locations. This global reach demonstrates the platform’s ability to connect businesses with investors, transcending traditional barriers and facilitating cross-border investment opportunities. In total, companies from many different markets have raised capital from a total of 18 different countries over the past two years.

The CEO of OwnersRoom, Alexander Storkaas, expressed excitement about the achievement, stating, “Surpassing the NOK 1 billion mark is a testament to the trust our users place in OwnersRoom. We are proud to be at the forefront of transforming how businesses raise capital, making it more accessible and efficient. This milestone is not just a reflection of our success; it’s a celebration of the success stories written by the companies that chose OwnersRoom for their fundraising journey.”

OwnersRoom continues to innovate and expand its suite of solutions, anticipating further milestones as it reshapes the landscape of digital capital raising. For more information about OwnersRoom and the Deals module, visit

About OwnersRoom

OwnersRoom is a leading B2B tech startup dedicated to revolutionizing digital capital raising for businesses. With a suite of innovative solutions, OwnersRoom empowers companies to raise funds efficiently, securely, and with global reach.