Product updates

Your OwnersRoom in Norwegian

OwnersRoom 2020.2 released

Today we are proud to present a Norwegian version of the OwnersRoom app.

As many of our customers have international investors in the OwnersRoom, our first priority has been to build OwnersRoom in English. Now that we see more and more of our Norwegian customers handle more complex transactions on OwnersRoom we decided it was time to ship a Norwegian version as well. Please take it for a ride! You should see the language switch in the top right corner next to your profile picture. We hope you like this upgrade!

You might come across some words that we have not yet been able to translate due to legacy in the code – or that we simply didn’t see it. Please do let us know if you find anything we missed!

At the same time we have adjusted some of the wording in the app to better align with what our customers expect to see, so you will see small changes around menus and concepts. We have for instance renamed our News module to Updates and Organizations should now be Companies. More changes are on the way out and we’re looking forward to showing you a small facelift in not too long!