OwnersRoom partners with Euronext Securities

Euronext Securities partners with OwnersRoom

The companies have entered a collaboration agreement enabling OwnersRoom customers to access shareholder information registered in Euronext Securities, directly in the OwnersRoom platform. This agreement is part of an ongoing focus at Euronext Securities to collaborate with Fintechs to bring greater value to investors and private companies.

Founded in 2017, OwnersRoom is an investor and deals platform that provides companies with tools to manage investor processes professionally and efficiently. With this new collaboration, OwnersRoom customers with shares issued in Euronext Securities can keep track of their shareholders and shareholder movements via the OwnersRoom platform. The platform is also used by companies for digital fundraising, with OwnersRoom customers raising more than NOK 300 million from their own investor networks in the last 6 months.

Gaining access to the ‘golden standard’ for shareholder information

“The Euronext Securities shareholder register is the golden standard for a shareholder register and making the shareholder overview directly available for OwnersRoom customers is important to keep investors updated on current ownership,” says Knut Stålen, CEO of OwnersRoom.

“While OwnersRoom does provide a cap-table module, many companies appreciate a third-party managing their shareholder register. With this joint offering, companies can benefit from all OwnersRoom features, in addition to a flawless feed of the cap-table into their room from Euronext Securities.”

Increasing transparency for shareholders

Today, shareholders in private companies usually have only limited access to an overview of shareholders in the private companies they invest in. By using the “Euronext Securities extension” in OwnersRoom, private companies can make shareholder information more readily available to shareholders. This can help increase shareholder interest and activate investor engagement.

This feature offers an added benefit for privately-held companies with shares registered in Euronext Securities. The majority of these companies have freely traded shares, and updating shareholder information in all the relevant interfaces can be time-consuming. With this integration, companies can make sure their stakeholders always have access to the most updated shareholder information. 

Offering a scalable solution for growth companies

Many growth companies start out maintaining their shareholder register in a spreadsheet and sending investor information via email. Companies that want to be more professional and efficient in their investor work manage these and other processes using OwnersRoom. However, as the company grows and the number of shareholders increase, they often want to register their shares in Euronext Securities. OwnersRoom can now offer a solution that grows with these companies and gives them a frictionless transition when they reach the point where they want to use Euronext Securities to manage their shareholder register.

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